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Evil The Wreckoning 2017 Megdalon Blue

Brand: EVIL
Product Code: wreckoning

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Evil The Wreckoning Frame

Evil's much anticipated The Wreckoning frame has finally arrived and is available to purchase from Blazing Bikes. Blazing Bikes are custom build specialists and were amongst the first to get the frame in. An innovative creation to tackle the toughest, rockiest and steepest trails, Evil The Wreckoning is not for the faint hearted.

The Wreckoning is a one piece construction of carbon fibre, available in two different colours - Gun Metal Satin or Megalodon Blue in either medium, large or extra large. It comes with the popular Rock Shox Monarch Plus RC3 Debonair Rear Shock and boasts a threaded 73mm BSA BB shell with internal cable routing.

Everything You Need To Know

  • Evil The Wrecknoning Delta SuspensionOne-piece Carbon Fibre construction
  • 161mm DELTA Link system suspension
  • Rock Shox Monarch Plus RC3 Debonair rear shock
  • 17mm Tru Axle main pivot
  • Integrated headset (included)
  • Optional Angleset (extra)
  • Integrated SAG indicator
  • Threaded 73mm BSA BB shell
  • 148 x 12mm Boost Rear axle
  • Internal cable routing
  • Stealth’ dropper seatpost routing
  • Dual Row Angular contact bearings
  • New DELTA Link system linkage
  • 180mm post mount brake tabs
  • Asymmetric Swingarm for stiffness
  • Custom moulded rubber protection
  • Custom e*thirteen lower chain guide available
  • Three sizes available – Medium, Large and Extra Large
  • Two colours – Gun Metal Satin or Megalodon Blue

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What The Pros Are Saying

Rider and writer Callum Jelley, currently working for Evil Bikes, having tried and tested The Wreckoning had this to say:

“The only bad thing about our new bike The Wreckoning, is when you write to tell your friends and family about how it’s changed your life, your spell-check will change the spelling to Reckoning.

When we created The Following we never expected it to be quite as magic as it was. Much like the folk who first boiled malt sugar and hops and added yeast. If The Following is the quiet kid in class who turns out to be way better than everyone at everything, then the Wreckoning is his older brother who punches holes in walls with a smile on his face.

The bike is a weapon, pure and simple. The first time I rode it I couldn’t drive home after – I felt like I was drunk and high. If you think a 161mm travel bike can’t pedal up hills you’re wrong. If you think a 161mm 29er can’t handle a DH track, you’re wrong.

In fact whatever you think, you’re probably wrong. In the same way the Black Death kicked off the Renaissance in 14th Century Italy, The Following and now The Wreckoning are starting one now.

26 + 4 – 1″

Product Video

Evil bikes from the U.K's number one Evil dealer, demo centre and custom build specialist.

Evil produced some of the most talked about 26” bikes of the last few year, but Evil have now turned their attention to smashing the competition with another great selection of bikes. The 29" 160mm travel Wreckoning, The 29" 120mm travel Following and the 27.5" 151mm Insurgent, all of which offer an unholy combination of great looks, stand out colours and unparalleled performance to seduce even the purest vertical speed virgins once more.

The Evil Following. First in the line up of the new model Evil bikes. The Following burnt the 29er rule book thanks to its unbelievable handling and great suspension performance, all in all a trail slaying 120mm bike. The media have well and truly been possessed by this bike as have all enduro riders who look upon it with long stares hoping it is the answer to their competitive edge but it’s not the only DELTA (Dave's Extra Legitimate Travel Apparatus) System machine which will have you selling your soul to own one.

The Evil Insurgent. Once again Dave Weagle has constructed a devilishly good bike in the form of the 27.5", 151mm travel Insurgent. With its DELTA Link suspension soul, adjustable Flip-Chip geometry and "Enduro" stage destroying performance the Insurgent is looking like joining The Following as another cult bike.

The Evil Wreckoning is the latest in the Evil line up to take the World by storm! The Wreckoning is in a new wave of long travel 29er bikes, with one purpose in mind! To slay any trail in its path. The Wreckoning makes the most of it's 160mm of Delta travel to track and obliterate anything anything that put in front of it. Don't be fooled into thinking that the Wreckoning is only for downhill onslaughts, it's a nimble climber and takes after the climbing characteristics of the Following.

All in all the Evil Bikes lineup is one of the coolest and most practical out there. Here at Blazing Bike we feel the best and most cost effective way to get the most from your Evil is through custom build. If you follow us on social media you will know that we offer the most comprehensive selection of custom builds in Europe. What ever your fantasy, we can make it come true. Feel free to get in contact for a custom build quote. 

Evil Wreckoning Custom Build

Evil Wreckoning Custom Build Blazing Bikes

Evil Wreckoning Custom Build Blazing Bikes

Evil Wreckoning Custom Build Blazing Bikes

Evil Wreckoning Custom Build Blazing Bikes

Evil Wreckoning Custom Build Blazing Bikes

The sweetest til last we had this custom paint job done to match the Datatag colour and got matching decalls made to make this a complete one off!  

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