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Intense Cycles Primer SL Super Light Frame 2017

Brand: Intense
Product Code: primerframe

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Designed for the big wheel, trail enthusiast, the Primer 29 sports 4.5” or 5” of rear wheel travel on an extra wide, Boost 148 rear end. The carbon front and rear triangles provide an exceptionally stiff yet comfortable ride that is light and nimble. The bike is race ready and features internal cable routing, 160mm post mounts and protective flak guards as standard amenities.

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 Hit a series of successive turns and you’ll be surprised at just how hard you can load the Primer down through the pedals, really pumping it through the corner. The punchy, supportive nature of the rear suspension coupled with the Primer’s ludicrously low weight means you can pump, pop and launch this bike just about anywhere you want it to go, and it’s progressive enough to take a serious thump out back without feeling harsh when you do exhaust all 130mm of travel. 

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Jim Buchanan - Enduro MTB

 Even from the get-go of swinging a leg over and riding off on this bike, it is probably the most agile 29er we have ever ridden! As soon as one pedal stroke is put down the acceleration on this lightweight bike is so noticeable it had our tester wondering exactly whether it was sugar or something stronger he had put on his cereal that morning! 

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 The JS tuned VPP was a real pleasure to pedal up things, where in the past, VPP always felt better to me when descending. It was peppy and poppy and smooth and on mild sections of trail it did not drag along at all, allowing me to get out of the saddle and push hard without it feeling too lazy to want to play. 

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RC - Pinkbike

 The magic of the Primer's uncanny performance cannot be traced to any single aspect of its construction, geometry or component selection. Instead it is all of those things that make it work - which has me wondering if this bike was a successful design exercise, or a bit of an accident that worked out brilliantly in the end. Either way, it kicks ass. I had to pry the Primer 29 from my fellow test rider's hands to get it back. It's been a while since I've enjoyed riding a trailbike this much and longer still since I'd fallen for a 29er. 

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